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The Long Hollow Bricks

Zegal Brick

Ziegel Bricks are hollow clay cladding bricks with long proportioned faces. Ziegel Bricks provide thermal insulation and aesthetic enhancement. The long proportion gives the designer freedom to create unusual patterns by using them horizontally, vertically, or installing them at an angle. Using Ziegel Bricks for facades, especially multi-storied building with seamless facade faces, gives a combination of an elegant and earthy look

Zegal Brick
Required : 12 x 2 x 2 Inches
Requirement : 6 Nos Per Sft
Colors : Natural Red
Body : Single Holle
How to install Zegal Bricks?

Zegal Bricks is an ideal product for cladding along with insulating the wall. Zegal bricks can use on both interior and exterior, and both cases provide thermal insulation as it has a hole in between. You cannot construct a wall using Zegal bricks, but we have to clad zegal bricks to a wall for support. It is sticking to the wall with tile adhesives.

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12 x 2 x 2 Inches, and they have one hole. This hole acts as thermal insulation for the bricks.
The thickness of the brick is 2 inches and one in mortar or adhesive, so together, it will consume 3 inches from the wall.
No, there must be a base to start. Even though it is stuck to the wall, Zegal bricks must start from a base.
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