fbpx Roofing tiles for concrete slope roof.
For the small roofs and sunshades

Decorative Roof Tiles

Decorative roof tiles are used to cover and decorate slop roofs made of concrete. These roof tiles are ideal if the roof area is small or an extension like a sunshade. Decorative roof tiles are available in multiple patterns to match the structure’s design. The decorative tiles are stuck to the surface using concrete or tile adhesives, unlike roofing tiles.

Decorative Roof Tiles

Decorative roof tiles were heroes of the Yester-decade. The small size and various patterns made it the favourite. Now these tiles are used for small “mandir” or interior decorations. We have shortlisted the most popular three designs of the size 9 x 6 inches. This is a cost-effective solution for small extensions or sunshades. Unlike other roof tiles, Decorative roof tiles are not laid over buttons by stuck to the roof with cement. You can also paint, the roof tile the color of your choice.

How to install Mangalore Tiles?

The right way of installation of Mangalore Tile gives durability and adds beauty and water-tightness to the roof. If the tile is using over a steel or wooden fabrication, always choose double groove Mangalore tiles. Using proper roof system components, make sure the roof is functional and leak proof. Additional products like clay ceiling tiles enhance the aesthetic appeal from the interior, besides supporting leak proofing. Watch the video for more information.

Most common questions
Most popular topics
Decorative roof tiles stop the direct radiation to the concrete roof and protect it from the fierce sun and the rain.
Replacing broken tiles is a challenge as they are stuck to the roof with adhesives, unlike other roof tiles, which are just placed over the buttons.
Yes, it is safer as these tiles are not placed on the roof but stuck on the concrete pitch roof.
You can use appropriate synthetic adhesive and fix the plywood roof. Make sure the last tile is installed on a slightly raised button.
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