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We, Nuvocotto: Are committed to delivering the best clay products to the admirers of clay products. Our journey began in 1999, and since then, we've been dedicated to crafting terracotta that embodies freshness, sustainability, and innovation. Nuvocotto is a word we coined by combining the sound " Nuvo " which represents new, and " cotto " which describes terracotta. And we became Nuvocotto - The Better, The Smarter, The Sustainable, and The Fresh Terracotta.


To Become the market leader, setting new benchmarks of innovation and quality which create new standards of excellence for the entire industry. By bridging the demand-supply gap through customer centric philosophy.


To become the company of choice for quality terracotta product users for housing and construction industry including architects, home owners & builders.

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Nuvocotto - The Brand That Loves Creativity

Our mission and passion are to promote and inspire creative designs using clay products. Being in the industry for more than two decades gave us insights into clay products and their usage and the transformation of the product. The love of the product and the reach widened, and the bold new designers loved to use clay products in new ways. It's no longer an element of traditional architecture alone but has become an unavoidable factor in contemporary architecture. To know more about our journey and how we traveled along, watch Nuvocotto Corporate Video.

Few Milestones in our journey
The Beginning

New business started with clay wholesale supply in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

New Showroom

With a couple of successful products in hand, started new showroom at Salem, Tamil Nadu.

The Expansion

As a result of huge demand, started Sales office at Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh.

New Showroom

Started Showroom at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

The Entity

Eying future expansion to rest of states, stared new showroom in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Imported Products

Started selling imported clay products.

New Showroom

Stared Showroom at Kochi, Kerala.

Thinking Global

Started Exporting.

Introduction of Premium Products

Introduced our flagship product of year Nuvocotto Floor Tiles.

New Products

Introduced Our Flagship Product of Year Nuvocotto Wall Tiles.

New Showroom

New Showroom at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

New Entrants

Introduced Our Flagship Product of Year Nuvocotto Jaalis.

Unification and Rebranding

Multiple outlets were to renamed to Nuvocotto and unified operations

Started operations in UAE

Set operations based in Dubai for operations in the Middle East.

Expanding PAN India through franchising.

We offer young entrepreneur to be a part of our growth and expansion.

Accreditations and Memberships