fbpx Clay Or Terracotta pavers for pathways
Quench the earth's thirst

Clay Pavers

Use terracotta paves, and don’t stop the water from seeping into the ground. Terracotta pavers keep the exterior clean but leave it as the earth itself. Clay pavers neither absorb nor radiate the heat, thus providing thermal comfort and aesthetically pleasing walkways or courtyards. Choose terracotta pavers, not interrupt the natural flow of water and air and let nature co-exist with you.

Why Clay Pavers?

Clay pavers are the ideal paver considering the two major factors. Clay pavers hardly do any change to the thermal environment. If concrete pavers are used, it absorbs and reflects the heat and creates uncomfortable heat during the daytime, especially in summer. As clay pavers won’t stop the natural water flow, using them won’t adversely affect the groundwater level of the premises.

Most common questions
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No, The compressive strength of clay pavers may not be enough to use for driveways. It is ideal for walkways and pavers.
Do weeds or plants grow in the pavers?
No, you can lay clay pavers on the leveled ground directly. To stabilize and level the paver, you can use vibrators.
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