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The Vibrant Elegance

Hibiscus Clay Roof Tiles

Let vibrant elegance fill your home with a symphony of tropical charm. Crafted with unwavering precision from enduring clay, these tiles embody timeless beauty that withstands the trial of time. Ignite your roof with an artful sanctuary, defying the elements and embracing the spirit of exotic paradise. Prepare to unveil a home transformed into a breathtaking masterpiece, radiating opulence and irresistible grace at every glance.

Hibiscus Clay Roof Tiles
Size : 435 x 324 mm
Required : 1.0 Nos. / Sq.Ft.
Color : Natural Red
Thickness : 12.5 mm
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Yes, Tiles Spacers are a standard product used to install floors or wall tiles.
You can take the spacers, but only after adequately curing the adhesive. If it's wall tiles, you can leave the spacers for a day.
There may be size variation in clay tile within allowed limits. The tile installer should manage the line judging this manually. If the area is wide and long, maybe you have to make a straight line reference with linedori.
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