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Our wide range of versatile and stunning terracotta products are guaranteed to take your spaces to new heights. We are confident that you will find the perfect terracotta solutions to fulfill your architectural dreams. Trust us to be your partner in bringing warmth and authenticity to your spaces.

  • Roofing Tiles
    Roofing Tiles

    Decorative roof tiles are generally small clay tiles used for covering RCC slope roof or small extension of roof for decorative purposes. The secondary objective is to avoid heat and for waterproofing.

  • Bricks & Wall
    Bricks & Wall

    Bricks are hollow tiles of different sizes. They are good thermal insulators when used in exteriors as the hole inside reduces the thermal conductivity further. This brick-like tiles can be cladding on the wall for a classy look.

  • Nuvocotto Floor Tiles
    Nuvocotto Floor Tiles

    Terracotta flooring is favorite in the Indian household for decades. The clay flooring admired because of its warm nature in winter and vice-versa in winter. Healthy and eco-friendliness are additional benefits.

  • Mangalore Tiles
    Mangalore Tiles

    Mangalore Roof Tiles are the most popular roof tiles in India since ages. It can use over a metal fabricated structure or above a concrete roof. Clay is an ideal solution for small or large slop roof for commercial and domestic use. Mangalore Pattern Roof Tiles is the first choice of roofing for tropical architecture.

  • Ceiling Tiles
    Ceiling Tiles

    The Clay Ceiling tiles are tiles used under roofing tiles of a fabricated roof to have additional thermal insulation, waterproofing, and aesthetic appeal. Multiple designs are available to match with interior design. Terracotta ceiling tiles are also known as bottom tiles for roofing.

  • Terracotta Jaalis
    Terracotta Jaalis

    Clay Jaalis is known for its versatility. These jaalis blocks can function as permeable facades, wall partitions, and other decorative purposes. Multiple designs are available to mix and create unique designs. These Jaalis designs can go with both traditional and contemporary design styles.

  • Wall Tiles
    Wall Tiles

    Clay wall Tiles is for imitating the look of the brick wall. The thickness of terracotta wall tiles is around 10 to 15 mm. This brick-like tile can fix on a rough plastered wall using tile adhesives. It is available in multiple sizes. The most common size is 9 x 3 inches, which is the size of standard bricks.

  • Terracotta Panels
    Terracotta Panels

    Terracotta Panels are a game changer product. The primary use of this eco-friendly terracotta panel is the external facade. Unlike other clay tiles, terracotta panels give a modern and sophisticated look. No thermal reflection and heat absorption is another desirable factor of terracotta panel facades.

  • Adhesives & Sealants
    Adhesives & Sealants

    Proper installation can achieve the terracotta product's desired output if all the elements like installation, cleaning, and sealing. To minimize the possibility of errors and to give a single-point solution, we have introduced tile adhesives. Nuvocotto adhesives are ideal for internal or external use.

A Glimpse from the Latest Inspirations

We love creativity, and we do every possible action to promote and inspire creative ideas using clay products. We feature a few projects and out-of-the-box ideas that " wow " ed us. These featured projects contribute to expanding the visibility of such designers and projects. 

Creativity ideas

We support our clients to combine existing products and out-of-the-box thinking to bring the best out of both worlds.

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Innovation concept

We love creativity, and we do every possible action to promote and inspire creative ideas using clay products. We feature a few projects and out-of-the-box ideas that " wow " ed us.  

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I loved using Nuvocotto Jaalis in one of my projects in Chennai. Terracotta products were my first choice to bring the nostalgic charm to the ambiance.
Ar.Narayanan Kumar
Crea Projects
It is very nice that enterprising companies like Nuvocotto organize events like the terracotta Design award as it improves the connection between the products and the architectural fraternity.
Ar.Prathima Seethur
Wright Inspires
There's a reason why Nuvocotto is one of the leading terracotta companies in India. It is 23 years old and has served the best and outperformed the expectations of every clay-product lover.
India Today
National Media