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Euro Roof Tiles

Perfection is not trivial, but trivial things make perfection. Nuvocotto Roof Tiles is the answer for luxury roofing. The Farmhouse of Villas completes with a pitched roof, and also pitched roof is an integral part of tropical architecture. If you are obsessed with the quality you look for in attention to detail, then Nuvocotto Roof Tiles is for you.

Euro Roof Tiles

  • Euro roof tiles are Natural Clay Tiles, Manufactured with high-end technology for perfection in finish and dimension uniformity. 
  • Euro Roof Tiles are available in three different colors. While Natural Color is full-body, Glossy Black & Graphite Black are Glazed over the natural terracotta body.
  • The Durability of Euro Roofs Tiles is time-tested and proven to use in Tropical Climate.
  • As Euro Roof Tiles have a much better surface finish than standard tiles, it is possible to avoid ceiling tiles because the view from the bottom size is also neat.

Tips for proper installation of Roofing Tiles

  • We recommend entrusting one vendor for roof fabrication and installing the roof tile. This is to avoid a communication gap that adversely affects roofing quality.
  • Before roof fabrication starts, finalized roof tiles will use on the roof. Because the size of each type of tile is different, choosing the tiles later will end up re-doing the whole structure.


Watch our video by clicking the link for the tips for saving time, money, and energy during roofing.

Most common questions
Most popular topics
The surface finishing and quality of the Nuvocotto Roof Tiles are superior to standard Mangalore tiles. Thanks to the advanced manufacturing process for this difference.
Technically, is it possible to use ceiling tiles and Nuvoctto Roof Tiles, but as ceiling tiles are designed to match the size of Mangalore tiles, and Nuvocotto Roof Tiles are bigger, the overlapping of tiles will be more.
The recommended slop for roof tiles is anything more than 27 Degree. Depending on the site condition, this can change.
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