fbpx High-Quality Ficus Clay Roof Tiles by Nuvocotto - Enhance Your Roof
Inspired by the enchanting Ficus tree

Ficus Clay Roof Tiles

Unveiling the mesmerizing Diamond-Cut beauty, where simplicity blossoms into brilliance. Inspired by the enchanting Ficus tree, our clay tiles showcase striking diamond-cut carving, both stunning and refreshingly uncomplicated.
Experience the captivating beauty that adorns your roofs with its unique elegance. Let your roofs embrace the extraordinary simplicity of Ficus.

Ficus Clay Roof Tiles
Size : 370 x 230 mm
Required : 1.5 Nos. / Sq.Ft.
Weight : 2.6 Kg. / Tile
Thickness : 13 mm
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Yes, Tiles Spacers are a standard product used to install floors or wall tiles.
You can take the spacers, but only after adequately curing the adhesive. If it's wall tiles, you can leave the spacers for a day.
There may be size variation in clay tile within allowed limits. The tile installer should manage the line judging this manually. If the area is wide and long, maybe you have to make a straight line reference with linedori.
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