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The Evergreen Roof Tile Pattern

Mangalore Roof Tiles

For decades, Mangalore Roof Tiles has been India’s most popular roof tile pattern. This roof tile’s universal availability makes it the favorite choice of designers, fabricators, and end customers. The elegant and nostalgic feel of Mangalore tile is unmatchable. As it is the most common roof tile, the experts for installation and maintaining these roof tiles are commonly available.

Why Mangalore Roof Tiles?

  • Mangalore Roof Tiles have been the most popular roof tiles for decades, and for the same reason, these tiles will be available even after decades if you want to extend or replace a few tiles.
  • Most roof accessories like ceiling tiles or koomb are designed to match Mangalore Roof tiles.
  • Availability of technicians to install and maintain Mangalore roof tiles is easy.

Tips for a better Mangalore Tiled Roof

  • Mangalore tiles can install on a metal fabricated structure or an RCC slop roof for decoration purposes.
  • More the slop, better the look.
  • Use glass tiles, ceiling tiles, and koomb to enhance the total look of the roofing.
  • Metal, wooden, or jaalis on the border of the roof will create an elegant appeal for the overall construction.

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The properly installed roof tiles can last over fifty years unless any external forces break it. Multiple external factors like rain or wind may misplace the roofing tiles, but it can be easily maintained.
The weight of a Standard Mangalore Roof Tile is around 3.00 Kg, and there is tile to tile interlocking. Clay Roofing Tile will not fly unless the wind is extreme. If the Roofing Tiles are over a multi-story building, it is recommended special protection like tieing tiles with a metal wire to batons.
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