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Mangalore Tiles or Mangalore Pattern Roof Tiles are the most popular choice of roofing in India. This pattern is available in India since 1860 and was the specified roof solution for prominent government buildings, educational institutions, and elegant mansions and bungalows.

Nadan Wall Tiles

Nadan wall tiles or traditional wall tiles are still the most economical clay wall tiles for both exterior and interiors. The face size of these tiles is 9 x 3 inches or 230 x 75mm, the same as the wire-cut bricks. Clay wall tiles are the easiest way to create a brick wall effect. The surface is better than wire-cut bricks but not as finely finished as Nuvocotto Wall Tiles.

How to install Mangalore Tiles?

The right way of installation of Mangalore Tile gives durability and adds beauty and water-tightness to the roof. If the tile is using over a steel or wooden fabrication, always choose double groove Mangalore tiles. Using proper roof system components, make sure the roof is functional and leak proof. Additional products like clay ceiling tiles enhance the aesthetic appeal from the interior, besides supporting leak proofing. Watch the video for more information.

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The properly installed roof tiles can last over fifty years unless any external forces break it. Multiple external factors like rain or wind may misplace the roofing tiles, but it can be easily maintained.
The weight of a Standard Mangalore Roof Tile is around 3.00 Kg, and there is tile to tile interlocking. Clay Roofing Tile will not fly unless the wind is extreme. If the Roofing Tiles are over a multi-story building, it is recommended special protection like tieing tiles with a metal wire to batons.