fbpx BougainVilla by Ar. Joshna Merin Thomas from Bangalore

Ar. Joshna Merin Thomas

BougainVilla by Defining Space Studio

A three BHK home that values slow living and simplicity – designed for a family of four and two cats adhering to the Form follows function aspect. Designed around the concept of #essentialminimalism – a seamless blend of contemporary living and organic elements.

This home encapsulates the essence of warmth, comfort, and abundant natural light, surrounded by an array of natural finishes that celebrate the beauty of the outdoors, focusing primarily on the indoor landscape court that draws a thin veil between the outside world and inside habitable space. This space is captured in its full aspect by the use of fewer materials and colors, making the greenery and natural light the primary focus.

The Jaali veil, stacked like a wave, captivates the interplay of light and shadow thus bringing the outdoors inside – a continuous journey where the light is the master.

The overall project has a calming ambience brought out by the clean lines, muted earthy tones, open layouts and a connection with nature. The design of this home fosters a deep connection with nature, offering the family and their beloved cats the chance to experience the outdoors from within. A spacious landscape court adjacent to the dining area beckons the family for al fresco gatherings, while the expansive sliding folding  glass doors blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, inviting gentle breeze.

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The heart of this home lies in its adaptability.

Catering to the furry members of the family the home is thoughtfully designed with a window perch in the bedroom that becomes the preferred spot for the cats to bask in the sunlight and survey the outdoor wonders.The heart of this home lies in its adaptability. The open floor plan is conducive to various family activities, from joyful family game nights to quiet moments of introspection. In this home, the family of four finds solace, joy, and a sense of belonging. Every corner of this home serves as a reminder to nature, fostering a deep appreciation for the world around them and the wonder it holds.

Design team : Jayeesh Reddy, Jithin Cyril, Joshna Merin Thomas

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