fbpx Dynamic Façade using Clay Tiles - Terracotta Tiles For Exterior


Creative adaptation of the products in unpreceded methods brings out unique designs. This dynamic facade is made using weathering tiles. The actual use of weathering tiles is as flooring on the terrace. As Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s quote – ” God is in the details.” The detailing of this Kerala residence facade is so dynamic. When static may read to boding dynamic facade keeps it always interesting. A metal frame is designed to hold the 10 x 5 inches split tile in place but is not fixed. It isn’t freely rotating but moves like a flag. Later many facades were designed inspired by this design

How is this dynamic facade installed?

Split weathering tiles have holes in them. They are designed to break the tile into two and use it in the flooring. Metal rods are inserted into these holes, and tiles are fixed.

Is the dynamic facade durable?

The durability of a dynamic facade depends on the structural design. Terracotta, as the material itself, is durable. The durability of the fixing frame will be the life of the facade.

How metal framework and terracotta products can create magic?

Terracotta Bricks, Zegal Bricks, or weathering tiles are used to make many creative installations. It is also possible to create similar facades by inserting metal cords into the terracotta bricks. The bold experiments you can do using clay and metal combinations are unlimited. Our wish is to see as many permutations and combinations of metal and bricks to create extra-ordinary structure.

Dynamic Terracotta Facade is made using terracotta split weathering tiles of size 10 x 5 inches, with a hole inside, which is made for split the tiles and used on flooring.

Imagination is the limit. Try exploring the various terracotta products and metal structures to create numerable attractive facades and other installations. We are keen to support innovative designs using terracotta.

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