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Nuvocotto Floor Tiles

Patterns with multi-color terracotta

M ulti-color terracotta is magic – The Magic of Nuvocotto, Nuvocotto floor tiles are available in three different colors and sizes. The available shapes are squares in different sizes and rectangles. The most popular size available in various colors is 300 x 300 x 10 mm. Usage of different colors in the flooring is the easiest way to have differentiation in the flooring. There was a trend of having different levels of flooring for allocating space for various functions. But the user experience was not so great, especially for the elderly.

Mult-Color terracotta floor tiles are the answer to this challenge. Creating a distinction between the living area and dining area, gym, and play area or similar functional differences is easy with Nuvocotto Floor Tiles. Nuvocotto floor tiles are available in different sizes like 300 x 300 mm, 150 x 150 mm, 300 x 600 mm, or 500 x 500 mm.

The Terracotta Flooring with different size

Nuvocotto Terracotta flooring is available in different sizes like 150 x 150mm, 300 x 300 mm, 300 x 600 mm, and 500 x 500 mm. Choose the bigger size for lesser joints and elegant flooring..

The Terracotta Flooring with different colors ?

Natural Red, Chocolate, Deep Yellow, Autumn Blend, and grey are the colors available in Nuvocotto 300 x 300 MM floor tiles. All other sizes are available in Natural Red Color.

Choose Nuvocotto Floor Tile for healthy interiors. It is experienced that walking on terracotta flooring is better than synthetic flooring in extreme weather conditions. Terracotta flooring is warmer in winter and colder in summer, keeping it comfortable enough to walk.

Installation of terracotta flooring is a skilled job. Install Nuvocotto flooring with spaces of at least 6mm. Size variation is inherent in the manufacturing of clay products. This size variation has to be managed while installing for the desired result.

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