fbpx Nuvocotto at FOAID Mumbai – 2022

What is FOAID?

FOAID is a celebration of innovation and has delivered more than 66 design shows across the country with 1000 + inspiring design talks directly influencing 50000+ audiences across the globe. Embarking upon a remarkable journey of 9 years, it has turned into an important platform in terms of exposure in the field of design for professionals to share their thoughts, engage, exchange, and much more.

Team Nuvocotto had a beautifully curated display at FOAID – Mumbai. The event was at BKC Mumbai on the 7th & 8th of October. The major attraction of the Nuvocotto store was the ceiling installation using Zegal Bricks. Architects and Art lovers were so excited to see this. We have also introduced Nuvocotto Duro roof tiles at this event.

India’s top architects visited the Nuvocotto stall and had great insightful discussions and progress in the Architeal fraternity and the future of the designing and architecture. We, Team Nuvocotto, thank all the dignitaries who visited us.