fbpx Team Nuvocotto Met At Bangalore in 2022

Nuvocotto Annual Meet – Bangalore 2022

Annual Meet- 2022 was remarkable for Team Nuvocotto. After the pandemic and years of online meetings, Team Nuvocotto was excited to have this event in Bangalore. The event was a platform to honor all our senior members who have completed more than a decade with Nuvocotto.

Mrs.Valliammal, Mr.Shanguselvam, Mrs. Devi, Mr.Kiran, Mr.Shabeer & Mrs. Devi had completed ten years with Nuvocotto. Their contribution to the growth of Nuvocotto is commendable. The event also was an opportunity to brainstorm ideas for better customer satisfaction and train the team. The kick-start meeting of Nuvocotto at Bangalore gave a new direction and energy for team Nuvocotto to serve you better every day.