fbpx Terracotta Jaalis for Interior

The earthy charm in fine dining spaces

Retail and Restaurant is demanding attractive design like never before. An inviting and cozy ambiance in the space is as vital as the excellent food served at the place. We should design a retail space to stimulate all the customer’s senses. Terracotta jaalis help create a visually attractive, which also enhances the thermal comfort of the area.

Terracotta Jaalis, Wall Tiles, and wire-cut bricks are a few favorite clay products of retail space designers. Besides the aesthetic appeal of clay products, they connected emotionally to Indian culture. Thus creating a cham along with the customer’s trust improves the business’s credibility. The more time diners spend at restaurants creates more connection to the place and enables them to enjoy the meal. Restaurants are also places for meeting up with friends, family, and colleagues. Creating memories and clicking pictures is inevitable during a meetup or party, so with cool Nuvocotto-Jaalis, make the restaurant instagramable.

The Charming Nuvocotto Jaalis

Nuvocotto Terracotta flooring is available in different sizes like 150 x 150mm, 300 x 300 mm, 300 x 600 mm, and 500 x 500 mm. Choose the bigger size for lesser joints and elegant flooring.

Why do designers love Nuvocotto Jaalis?

They are Versatile, Durable, and Modular available in multiple patterns and the design and surface finish are unmatchable. The most popular Nuvocotto jaalis are camp jallie, four petal jallie, opel jallie and Edan Jaali.

Make your retail space instagramable: Diners come to the restaurant to catch up with friends, family, or colleagues. Clicking pictures is part of it making your restaurant space charming enough to create memories.

Installation of jaalis is an art. Invite an artist and create the wall to make it attractive and get the expected result. The basic rule is to clean the construction often during construction itself. We love not to paint and retain the natural color. A clean surface is the most desirable element of a jaali wall.

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