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Ar Vinod Kumar MM

Ar Vinod Kumar MM is the Director, dd Architects, from Thrissur, Kerala.

Ar Vinod Kumar MM is the Director, dd Architects, from Thrissur, Kerala. He has an experience of more than 20 years across Ahmedabad, Kuala Lumpur, and Kerala since his graduation from BMS, Bangalore. dd Architects has been involved in projects that range from Conservation, Eco designs, Urban Interventions, and smaller works like Residences, etc. Organically formed and constantly evolving, the studio aspires to experiment and innovate while creating meaningful solutions.

The studio has won UNESCO Asia pacific award twice for conservation efforts, apart from many other accolades.

The practice comprises a small group of Architects/Trainees involving projects such as reviving an old waterway, protecting an ancient palace, conserving a thousand-year-old temple building, etc. We also conduct workshops like AYA, which attempts to explore areas such as Architecture, Climate, Nature, and Craft, aiming to understand design, nature, and its connections.

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The studio believes in constantly innovating and transforming itself.

Ar. Vinod Kumar is also the convener of INTACH Thrissur and Chairman of the Indian Institute of Architects, Thrissur.

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