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Wirecut Bricks

The use of wire-cut brick is to construct a wall without plastering. Multiple patterns are available to choose from to match the style. The most popular is the Stretcher bond. It is also possible to create a parametrically designed wall using wire-cut bricks.

Super Strong Wirecut Bricks

Hollow Wirecut Bricks have a hole in the vertical face of the bricks. The holes of different shapes and numbers are available. It may be three large round holes of eight small square holes. These holes add thermal insulation property of brick as well as the weight of the bricks with

When you love to live raw - this brick is your choice. Use wire cut bricks if you want to have an exposed wall that is an unplastered wall. The surface and edges of wire-cut brick have a better finishing compared to standard table mold bricks. The advantages of using wirecut bricks are not just saving the cost of plastering or saving the future cost of maintenance of painting, but also has a raw look and avoid using paint.

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Size 9 x 4 x 3 Inches

Required : 5.5 Nos / Sq.Ft.

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How to install Wirecut Bricks?

Construction of the wirecut brick is the basic of building, which doesn't need explanation. Few factors to take care of while development is.

Clean the brick while construction itself:

It will become difficult to clean. You can go for a mild acid wash to remove cement stains.

Soak in Water Before Construction:

Soaking in water will improve the bonding of the bricks and sort and remove if there are any underburned or overburned bricks.

Sealing the Bricks:

We recommend using sealants to improve water resistance and avoid mold or fungus on the bricks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, wirecut bricks are available only in Natural Color. It is possible to paint the bricks after using the proper primer. It is also possible to polish the bricks using varnish or wax polish if used in the interior.

Typically the weight of solid, wirecut brick of size 230 x 100 x 75 mm is 3.00 Kg, and the density is 1. 8 gram per cubic centimeter.

White patches on the bricks are known as efflorescence. Use low-alkali mortar so that alkali salts don't leach into the masonry. Mortar should be firm and free of cracks.


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